Sorry I have been MIA for like a week now! I have been busy with school and work. Ah!! The semester is only HALF over!!! I can do this… I can do this!

Honestly, I would much rather be able to focus my attention on just school and running. Why do I have to work??? Why can’t I just be a full time student, and maybe just work part time??

😦 Ah… perfect world.

Anyways, yesterday I went to fleet feet and got fitted for new shoes for my half marathon!

I got a matching Iphone holder thingy that latches on my arm
photo (11)

I went to the store wanting to buy a certain pair of shoes I have seen a lot of people wear. I got my feet checked along with my walking gate, and they brought out shoes that would help me run the best I can. I walk on the outside of my feet, and the shoes I wanted wouldn’t be the best for me. These shoes are designed to help bring my feet back to a neutral position, so I’m not walking/running on the outside of my feet.

About to go to the gym to try out my new shoes and new running capris!
photo (13)

I am so excited for some upcoming races! Tonight my husband and I are doing a Pub Run. Basically, whoever signs up for it meets at the designated Pub, we go on a run (2.5 or 4.5 miles), and we end back at the Pub and get discount pizza and beer (ew… I hate beer!). Also, March 16th we are running in a 10k race. March 30th we are running in a 5k race (with one of our dogs!), and April 7th is the big day for our first half-marathon!!

Speaking of running with dogs, I would love it if somebody bought me this shirt 🙂
photo (14)

Anyways, on to some eats…
photo (10)

photo (9)

I have been bad with taking pictures of what I have been eating! Ha!

And last but not least…
photo (12)


What kind of races is everyone going to be running this year?
What kind of shoes do you have?
Have you ever been fitted for shoes designed to help improve your gate/balance?


Beautiful mornings/photo catch up

Good morning everyone! I love that I am now back on day shift at work. I love waking up early, having that firsts cup of coffee, and relaxing while watching Joyce Meyer on television. If you haven’t heart of Joyce Meyer, she is an amazing woman of God who has a true heart of spreading the AMAZINGLY good news of Jesus! I am hooked on her and her books. She has helped my faith to grow leaps and bounds! If you haven’t heard of her, watcher her, or read her books, I HIGHLY recommend you go check her out! Here are some of the notes I took from this morning. 🙂

God loves us! He loves us so much that we can be FREE from fear. Start thinking about what God says, don’t give a thought to what the enemy says. Renew my mind. Pray to KNOW God. Believe I am the righteousness of God, if I believe it I will start to act it!

What amazing truths! God says when we place our trust in Him, we become the righteousness of God. When we start to believe that (instead of what the devil says when he tries to condemn us with guilt) we will start to LIVE it.

Anyways, as promised, pictures!

photo (7)
Relaxing with Charlie as my pillow 🙂

photo (3)
Blueberry-Banana pancakes! Mmm…

photo (5)
Kung Poa chicken with lots of veggies and jasmine rice. It was delicious!!

photo (4)
Post work-out snack 🙂

photo (2)
This was so good!! Oatmeal, blueberry, bananas, and honey-almond flax cereal.

photo (8)
Dog 🙂 (yep, that’s his name!)